Yoga & Ayurvéda Retreat in Gstaad

17th-21st September 2014

An amazing experience at this fabulous location

Grande Bellevue Hotel, Gstaad Switzerland

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Yoga & Ayurvéda in Gstaad just a perfect opportunity to practice breath deeply and evolve in their Ayurvédic path.

We are hot wired the day we are born to be a certain type of person – our character and the way we behave, function, react depends on our own original and unique blueprint – we cannot change this, we can try to alter it through different life passages but ultimately we are who we are.

In Ayurvéda this is called your Prakrti and it is made up of three Doshas. This retreat will enable you to understand some of the basics of Ayurvéda, get to know your Doshic type and then in yoga as in your life how you can balance, encourage modifiy your daily lifestyle to create a better harmonious of living.

Yoga practises will be flowing and fluid with plenty of fun and a healthy dose of relaxation too.

Deluxe Room Chalet 2 small


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Price all inclusive for this retreat (accommodation, yoga classes & conferences, food) 2400 CHF or just for without the room 1200 CHF


To reserve your place contact charlotte on [email protected] or contact the hotel directly via their fabulous web site La Grande Bellevue