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ShivaShakti, Teacher Training & VIP Coaching by Charlotte Saint Jean

“Over the years my style of yoga has progressed from a harder core, dynamic style to a more intuitive flow. Prana Flow, Hormone Yoga, Yin & Para Yoga, the study of Ayurveda & life itself have all influenced my teaching methods, practise and style. As I have grown so has my practice, so has my teaching. With a particular emphasis on the energy & phases of life for women, my classes, workshops, retreats & teacher training are the reflection of this. Serving the yoga path, channelling divine light and energy & following the integral flow of authenticity is the work of a lifetime, my Dharma. I hope to share some of that with you in the mountains, city, wherever life chooses to take us.”

My Yoga Style & the Yoga Path

ShivaShakti, my yoga method, is all about harnessing power & refining light. It is the seeking of harmony between female & male, lunar & solar energy, tuning in and using your yoga practice & meditation to enhance your life path & heal, feed & nurture your body, soul & mind. My life has lead e through deeply dark & incredible luminous experiences & with more than 20 years of yoga practice I have truly discovered how this ancient art can be the best tool & friend you can have to tackle the demons, life’s challenges & enable you to live better.


Ma vie et les expériences riches que j’ai eu la chance de vivre, mes enfants, ma famille, mes amis, mes batailles avec mon corps, les milliers de cours de yoga, mes professeurs et mes formations sur plus de 15 ans d’expérience d’enseignement, m’ont fait apprécier comment le yoga est une incroyable boîte à outils pour la vie. Spirituellement, physiquement & mentalement. L’équilibre de la vie, l’harmonie que nous recherchons tous, ne peuvent qu’être embellis si vous adaptez constamment votre pratique à votre vie et à vos besoins de “maintenant” – les phases de votre vie, de votre corps. C’est une évolution constante.


Why Shiva Shakti?

ShivaShakti – represents the accumulation of my yoga experience and life – the Foundations of a Fluid Practice. This is a journey, a personal voyage through your body, your preconceived ideas, your deeper feelings. This is a journey within to feel your heart beat aligning with the beating heart of the earth. This is YOUR journey towards harmony

To sense your journey & feel your body,
to light your light, to stand in your own presence, to find your voice & shine.
To take ancient practices & bring them
into a modern, relevant context. To work with the elements, energetic flow of the body, mantras, the Doshas and ancient texts. To bring all of this together
physically, mentally and spiritually.

By way of a small warning this teacher training is not a physical gymnastic journey. It opens doors to self-questioning, it allows you to find your inner voice and light and follow it. We work with asanas, meditation, breath work, yoga philosophy and self-enquiry brining the ancient to modern. This is your path to awakening the Shakti & using this sacred and powerful energy to transform your practice, teaching & lifestyle.

To find out more please visit the Training Options page. Pour toute information en français veuillez nous contacter – la formation s’effectue en français et elle est basée essentiellement en Bourgogne.



Charlotte propose maintenant des VIP COACHING en petit groupe en ligne. Vous avez déjà toutes les réponses en vous. Plus que “juste yoga” c’est une belle porte qui s’ouvre vers une exploration personnel où Charlotte vous guide à découvrir la meilleure version de vous. VIP Group Coaching démarre en septembre 2021 et chaque programme dure 3 mois. Charlotte adapte le programme aux personnes qui participent avec un thème global pour chaque trimestre……Chaque mois vous avez accès à du contenu vidéo exclusif, une conférence live, un atelier de yoga et méditation live, études autour des huiles essentielles avec en cadeau une huile doTERRA relié au thème et une fois par trimestre un atelier conférence avec un invité expert. To reserve and find out more

Charlotte now offers a new unique service for overall wellbeing. VIP Group or Individual private Coaching Sessions online. More than “just yoga” this is a doorway to personal exploration where Charlotte helps guide you to be the best version of yourself. You already have all the answers within you just need to know where to look. VIP Group Coaching starts in September 2021 and each programme runs for 3 months with a specific overall theme but a group declination. Charlotte adapts the 3 month programme to those participating ……Each month you have access to exclusive video content, a live conference and a live yoga & meditation workshop, essential oils study and a free Essential Oil linked to the theme and once per 3 month programme a Special Guest Expert session. To reserve and find out more

My Classes

Prana Flow (created by Shiva Rea) has been a big inspiration in my style of Vinyasa Yoga which is a type of yoga that evolves progressively with the circle of life and the environment we inhabit. Based on Hatha Yoga it has evolved through Vini Yoga & the teachings of Sri Krishnamacharya in it’s the search for balance between the solar, heating and dynamic elements and the lunar, calming, grounding elements. It is a beautiful method to teach especially when so close to nature. Prana Flow & Vinyasa or Vini Yoga techniques have greatly influenced me over the years and have lead me to my own style that have named ShivaShakti – my own spiritual name is Shakti & in my practice I constantly seek this harmony of masculine and feminine & how I can best integrate the flow of life, the seasons, the environment that surrounds me into my practice & into my daily life.

Just as with Hatha Yoga (Sun/Moon) Vinyasa Yoga seeks the balance and harmony in our practise faced with the environment or the day’s activities. This is not always easy! should bring balance between the Sun (Pingala Nadi, Prana Shakti) and the Moon (Ida Nadi, Manas Shakti) channels. These two pillars of the yoga tradition form a vital part of my own practice and of this training path as we explore the balance and harmony between the solar and lunar paths, between the yin and yang, the female and the male, the every evolving circle of energy, your inner & vital Shakti energy

For all things happening in 2021

I love life

I love where I live

I love my time on the mat

This is how I love to practise…..

Prana Flow, Para Yoga, Hatha & Yin Yoga – The Yoga of Life!

Prana Flow, Para Yoga, Hatha Yoga ….. they are all an amazing foundation for a unique and personal evolution through life. Through the sequences of flowing postures we seek the harmony of breath and movement, between alignment of the physical body, awareness of the mind and the present moment we inhabit. With its origins in the teachings of Sri Krishnamacharya, vinyasa yoga is like a meditative danse – the asanas (postures) and the breath provide the tempo and rythmn of your session and the mind integrates the effects in a general sense of well-being. Our time on the mat, in meditation, for ourselves is so precious and yet without that time we cannot be all the different people and do all the different things life is asking us to do! Sadhana – personal practise – is a beautiful discipline to dance your way fluidly through life.

Dance with your breath and follow with gratitude the flow of your life.

Charlotte’s teachings are inspired by her gurus in 

Prana Flow, Shiva Rea & Yoga Rupa Rod Stryker,

Para Yoga, Elena Brower and her rich teachings & the influences of the Sivananda Vedanta School of Yoga 

Having said that Charlotte’s classes are infused with the various traditions she has enjoyed along the way, her own style and outlook on life and the way she has integrated these ancient teachings into a very modern lifestyle. A vibrant mix of music a touch of humour and her take on practise and life with yoga as well has a vast array of teacher training & personal study. Her recent past coping with the death of her partner Stéphane has proved a huge challenge facing the dark to renew the light and rebirth into the future.

Charlotte has a background in Hatha, Vinyasa, Ashtanga and Yin yoga so her classes and workshops are naturally inspired by the mix of these teachings and the variety of teachers she has had the good fortune to meet and enjoy. Special thanks go to Shiva Rea, Marla Meenakshi and Ron Reid, Sarah Powers, David Swenson, Rod Stryker, Marc Holzman, Dinah Rodrigues and Elena Brower. Your influences continue to permeate her teaching style.

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