Our Little Yoga Market

Marché Yogique

We have a few beautiful Yoga products on offer to wear, carry things and drink from

Let us know if you would like to get your hands on some of these great items

Prices are listed below and you would need to add about 5 euros to cover postage and packing. Contact us on [email protected] to order …

Bliss Bag Live Love Life Bag


Pink T-Shirt


Grey T-Shirt


Kor White small



Bottles June Compet




For the Cotton Bags – 8 euros each

For the Pink T-Shirt 14 Euros

For the Grey T-Shirt 12 Euros

For the Kor Water Bottles…. we have a selection of colours Green, Lavender, Pink and Blue with the YogaChezMoi logo on in the Eco Plastic and a Dark Blue with White Yogi Logo…. These cost 15 euros for the small and 20 for the large

The Eco Metalic bottles – White with the Blue Yogi Logo and Black with the Gold YogaChezMoi logo cost 18 for the small and 24 for the large