Atelier d’Orgasme…. et du Yoga Aussi

Un Atelier qui sort de l’Ordinaire…. A beautiful Workshop with a difference

29 Novembre 17h00-19h00

Elephant Panam

Pour tous les infos….

Atelier d’Orgasme …. pour vous donner des outils pour prendre control de votre sensualité et sexualité! An Orgasm Workshop to give you the tools of empowerment so that you can take control of your orgasm and sexual energy!

Do You want to renew Your Sex Life? Do you want to be motivated to do your Yoga Practice everyday? Do You Want to Feel Sexy Again?

This workshop is for you..

Recently someone asked me if I thought someone was sexy… she has all the components, Beautiful body and face, big boobs etc. but NO, she doesn’t put out any sexual energy at all. Then we looked at a Friend, Lets call her Jane…… on paper, she is not a traffic stopper.. but oo la la, in her eyes she can undress any man and have him begging for a date within seconds.

Our sexual energy is just that, an Energy.. if we feel good and move slow and smooth with Strength and Grace, Our sex life is ready and willing to open to new heights. We become comfortable enough to move how we need to move, feel how we need to feel and with no dependance on our partner to give us an orgasm…. no one gives us an orgasm, it is something we take.. and sorry to all you guys who make girls scream for 20 minutes.. she is faking it.. our orgasm is the same as yours, it lasts 4 or 5 seconds..

Cassandra and Charlotte will attempt to take the Guilt out of the simple pleasure of Sex, using Yoga Practice as the medium. We will do a strong flowing dynamic yoga practice that focuses on the Feminine side of Hatha… We have become a masculine society, assertive and determined, we have lost the Laughter, the Play, the Sense of Relationship in our daily dealings. We have become people who do Yoga out of a sense of obligation, because we should. This workshop is about infusing the practice with Play, Fun and Feminity,

If you only do one yoga stage a month, think of us, this time… results guaranteed

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This Workshop – its open to men and women and is largely about claiming or reclaiming a right to non guilty pleasure
Its about empowerment and non judgement
Its about creating sensual movement, grace, deep breath…
Its about having FUN!!!!!

Charlotte Saint Jean